BPL Orthopaedic Heating Belt



To help you in relieving muscle pain, spasms, joint pains and other orthopedic conditions with discomfort, BPL has a solution. BPL Heating belt comes with an in-built thermostat ensuring safety of the user and has 3 levels of heating to help ease the pain. For your convenience, it comes with a washable cotton cover and 2 sizes – Regular and Extra Large. Bid goodbye to pains and woes.


  • Improves blood circulation in orthopedic conditions, relieves muscle spasms, joint pain and discomfort
  • In-built thermostat and 4 layer insulation for assured safety
  • High flexibility to reach and cover affected areas
  • High-quality and washable soft cotton cover
  • Two convenient sizes and velcro belt-Regular and Extra large
  • Three heating levels for comfort and convenience
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