Disposable surgical gloves

Disposable surgical gloves are hand gloves which are used in the medical examination of the patient. In order to avoid infection between the examiner and the patient. Disposable Surgical gloves prevent infections that can be transferred between healthcare professionals and the patient.

There are actually Two types of hand gloves that are used in medical purposes. One is the Disposable surgical glove and the other is the examination gloves. Surgical gloves must be of very high quality and must be very precise.

Examination gloves can be less accurate and they tend to be cheaper in price. These hand gloves are disposable and are used only once. They are designed for single use and that is why these gloves should be very cheap.

Latex gloves

When it comes to latex gloves, anyone can take advantage of them when they need them the most. You just have to make sure that you find good latex gloves in which you can use these gloves to buy whether you need them at home, your office or your medical facility, they always come in handy.

There are some industries where workers are advised or forced to wear gloves. These are people who work in sterile environments such as hospitals and perhaps food manufacturing plants. These people have been using latex gloves for many years. While latex gloves are actually very useful, there are some people who are allergic to latex and other materials used in these gloves. This is the reason why many industries have started offering the use of nitrile gloves to their employees.

Latex allergies are no laughing matter, and while latex gloves offer the user a lot of dexterity, the same nitrile gloves provide almost the same amount of dexterity as well as without the associated allergies typically brought on by latex.

Nitrile Gloves

But what other benefits can nitrile gloves offer the user other than being latex-free and hypo-allergenic? For starters, these gloves are very sturdy and that means they don’t tear easily. You’ll want it especially then when you are working with sharp objects or in a medical field so that you can reduce your chances of contracting any viruses or harmful bacteria.

When you are working in the chemical industry and constantly conducting chemical tests or examination gloves. You should look for those that are impervious to solvents, oils, and other chemicals.  Nitrile gloves are impervious to these chemicals, and so you can be assured That you can handle harsh chemicals without fear for your safety.

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